VIETNAM URBAN CONFERENCE 2012 ( 10/10/2012 )

Workshop "Viet Nam Urban's Future - Actions for Today"

on the occasion of the Vietnam Urban Day 8/11 and the

Cities Alliance Annual Meeting 2012

This national flagship conference will bring together decision-makers and practitioners from central and local authorities and international and domestic organizations in order to exchange knowledge and share ideas on today’s necessary actions to efficiently tackle the challenges for Vietnam’s urban future. The Vietnam Urban Day on 8 November will provide the formal backdrop for this key stakeholder event and the Cities Alliance will align their Annual Member Meeting to Vietnam, to support the Vietnam Urban Forum to strengthen effective networking and dialogue between national and international partners for a better urban future.


1. Name of Conference:  “Vietnam Cities Tomorrow - Actions Today

2. Time:                       Thursday, 30/10/2012

3. Location:     National Conference Centre – My Dinh – Tu Liem - Hanoi

4. Particiants:  About 250-300 delegates, including:

Representatives of State leaders, the Ministries of the Central Government, Local Authorities;

Representatives of Viet Nam Urban Forum member organizations, including:
International Donor Agencies, National and Local Authorities, Professional Institutes and Associations, Science and Academia, NGO’s and Private Sector Corporations;

Further relevant National and International Organizations;

Representatives of communities.

5. The purpose of the Conference:

In order to motivate and attract the attention of the state and local governments, planners and architects, investors, urban development experts and social organizational professions to actively participate in urban construction orientation towards urban sustainable development;

Strengthening VUF activities, extending VUF member base, and orienting further VUF activities. Expanding international cooperation and joining in the network of the World Urban Forum and other relevant regional Forums.

To facilitate exchange of experience on urban development between local and foreign experts.

To enhance the international cooperation and to coordinate with the Cities Alliance (CA) in organizing the Conference, in order to promote and attract investment attention and support from the world to the development of Vietnam’s cities and towns;

6. Main Activities of the Conference

Plenary Session:

Speeches of leaders of the Government, MoC, International Organisations, ACVN.

Dissemination of messages from the 6th World Urban Forum (WUF6)

Presenting and orientating the activities of the Vietnam Urban Forum.

03 Parallel Sessions

The expected Conference will hold three parallel seminars, focusing on the following contents:

+ Session A: Eco-City Development with Adaptation to Climate Change;

+ Session B: The Role and Capacity of Local Governments in Urban Development;

+ Session C: Multi-resource mobilization for investment in competitive urban development and urban upgrading


7. Organization

Chair organization: MoC/ VUF – UDA;

Collaborating organizations: CA, ACVN, AMC, UN-HABITAT, ISET, WB,…

8. Sponsors : CA...


1/ Topic: Eco-City Development with Adaptation to Climate Change.

2/ Introduction of Session A

The theme “Eco-City” has been studied, discussed and applied in many countries. The Eco-City model ensures better living conditions, living quality and saving of resources towards sustainable urban development and climate change resilience. Development of Eco-Cities is the strategic choice for sustainable development and it is a global trend. However, based on its own context and characteristics, each country has chosen their own strategies and methods for the development of this urban form.

In this discussion, the Vietnam Urban Forum would like to receive the open exchange of ideas and experiences about the ideal model, the criteria for "Eco-Cities" in other countries and the ability to apply them for Vietnam. It’s about time for urban management agencies to build a more comprehensive approach together to achieve development goals for Eco-Cities in Vietnam and to find inter-sectoral coordination measures such as improving information accessment, raising awareness of communities, applying clean technologies, using bio-building materials and natural resources (solar, wind, etc.), reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions etc.

The development of Green Cities and Eco-Cities is an inevitable trend for urban development in all countries. Vietnam wants to share and learn from the experience of international partners in this urban development model. Vietnam is committed to create the best conditions for investors interested in the development of Eco-Cities in Vietnam.

3/ Presentations Session A (*)

-           Model and criteria for ecological and green urban development in Vietnam

-           The City with the ability to adapt to climate change - Action Plan

-           Green growth in Vietnam and Green Cities development orientation

-           Effect of urban population migration on sustainable development of Eco-Cities

-           Development of Can Tho City responding to CC and sea level rise

-           Development of Ha Long City with integration of the protection of natural heritage

-           Application of ECO-2 model in Vietnam

-           Planning for environment-friendly Eco-Cities & clean urban development mechanisms (urban CDM)

4/ Discussion Topics

-           The Eco-City concept, Eco-City models; experiences and critera applicable for Vietnam

-           Urban planning to cope with climate change in Vietnam

-           Actions needed for the orientation of development of “Eco-Cities” and climate resilient cities in Vietnam

(*) 03 selected presentations will be presented in each session. Other papers will be collected and published in the Proceedings of the Vietnam Urban Conference 2012 and for discussion






1/ Topic: The role and capacity of local governments in urban development

2/ Introduction of Session B

In the recent years the situation of urban development in Vietnam has made significant progress. Vietnam's urban system has been gradually developed in a sustainable manner, expanding the scale and improving the quality of urban infrastructure. Local authorities are more empowered in the management of urban development, creating conditions for active local land management, municipal finance and investment project management. This is a good trend, but new global issues such as climate change and many other issues are challening the role and capacity of local cities in management and operation, especially in the context of limited workforce as well as the problems of overlaps in assigning tasks and rsponsibilities within the local authorities.

In this session the Urban Forum would like to receive input and active collaboration from local authorities, social organizations and the private sector to better identify the issues with needs for innovation: e.g. regarding the renewal of roles, capabilities and responsibilities of organizations in the formulation of policies and planning activities of local governments in urban development, the strengthening of relationships among diverse partners, and the identification of mechanisms to access funding sources for development activities and urban upgrading towards ecological sustainable urban development with integration of climate change response.

3/ Presentations Session B (*)

-           Role, capacity and challenges in urban development management for city authorities

-           Capacity development for local authorities through national and international training programes

-           Community-based urban development – international experience and lessons learned for Vietnam

-           HCM City – Innovation of organization and model of urban management authority

-           Appropriate models for city governments of Vietnam

4/ Discussion Topics

-           What are the difficulties and challenges for urban administration?

-           What has be done to enhance the role and capacity of urban authorities?

-           What are the focused sectors for training of local city governments?

(*) 03 selected presentations will be presented in each session. Other papers will be collected and published in the Proceedings of the Vietnam Urban Conference 2012 and for discussion



1/ Topic: Multi-resource mobilization for competitive urban development and urban upgrading

2/ Introduction of Session C

            Diversifying resource mobilization, exploitation and efficient use of internal and external resources, and using the support of all levels by mobilization of people to concentrate the total investment in infrastructure construction, upgrading and urban renovation is very important. In recent years, many municipalities have focused on a number of measures to promote the mobilization of investment resources such as: good planning and urban management; continuous promotion of economic development, transition of the economic structure in the appropriate direction suitable to the nature of the urban economy and modernization industrialization; promoting resource mobilization, especially local resources and suitable support mechanisms to encourage investment for the construction of infrastructure and urban renovation etc. For a sucessful urban development and urban development investment there are needs to attract investment through socialization calls for development programs and projects in addition to central funds and ODA.

            In the frame of the Session C, the Forum would like to receive input and sharing of experiences on the topic "Multi-resource mobilization for investment in competitive urban development and urban upgrading", in the hope that this will provide meaningful insights for investors, urban managers and the entire community into the process of urban competition in resource mobilization for urban development and upgrading.

3/ Presentations Session C (*)

-           Proactive corporate resources for investment in urban development

-           The participation of the community in the activities contribute to the process of urban rehabilitation and development

-           Combining multiple resources for effective urban development

-           Mobilizing resources for effective investment between the needs of urban development and upgrading

-           City Development Strategy (CDS) / with multi-sources involvement

-           Dynamics of local authorities in mobilizing capital for urban development / Lessons learned and challenges

-           Investment in development of new urban areas - innovation policies in order to attract resources

4/ Discussion Topics:

-           What are the solutions to mobilize investment resources für urban areas?

-           What should be done to diversify the investment resources?

-           What are the roles of stakeholders in the diversification of resources?

(*) 03 selected presentations will be presented in each session. Other papers will be collected and published in the Proceedings of the Vietnam Urban Conference 2012 and foer discussion.


Source: VUF

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